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New Amazon author page

As August 1 approaches, I’m getting super excited. Why? I have 5 new books all being released on that day. So I have updated my Amazon author page where anyone who’s interested can see the new book covers and find out more about these titles. Interested in vampires? Check out Vampires: The Truth Behind History’s Creepiest Bloodsuckers. Like wacky history? Take a peek at Bizarre Things We’ve Called Medicine.

Vampire book cover

If you or someone you know likes fiction and adventure stories, I have three new ones coming out this week. One is set in Egypt, another in India, and the last in Italy.These beautifully illustrated chapter books are about 100 pages each and are geared for readers in grades 3-5. Here’s the cover of Cairo, Camels, and Chaos

Cairo, Camels, and Chaos cover


To see all the covers, check out the following link:


Francisco’s Kites event — August 1

On Saturday, August 1  the Colgate University Bookstore in Hamilton, NY is hosting an event to celebrate my new picture book, Francisco’s Kites.

Francisco's Kites poster

Since the book in bilingual, I will read the book in English. My good friend Pilar Mejia Barrera, who teaches Spanish at Colgate, will read the text in Spanish. We’ll also be making kites.

Homemade kite image

We’ll have a book-related treat…it’s a surprise so please come and find out what yummy delight awaits! I hope to see you there!

Here’s the official press release for the event:

Francisco’s Kites Press Release

The World’s Strangest Foods event — Success!

On Thursday, July 2 I hosted an event at the Hamilton Public Library to celebrate my book The World’s Strangest Foods.

Strange Foods book cover

I brought all kinds of unusual food from countries including Japan, England, Ecuador, Germany, and many others.We started out with horned melon from New Zealand, and dragon fruit from Vietnam. I offered about 19-20 different items, which varied from the tame (British candy and coconut soda) to preserved eel (in a can),  and Limburger cheese. I never would have expected so many kids to try every item on the menu!

Culinary options at the Strange Foods event

Culinary options at the Strange Foods event

Horned melon from New Zealand

Horned melon from New Zealand

While I’d been expecting about 15 kids to attend, we ended up with more like 35-40 kids. They ranged in ages but there were lots of tweens and teens and many boys in the audience. I read segments from the book and got the requisite oohs and aahs at some of the more bizarre culinary offerings (fermented shark meat, anyone?).

I would love to bring a presentation like this to other libraries and schools. We had a terrific time!

This is what Library Director Hilary Virgil had to say about the event: “Limburger cheese, dragon fruit, canned roast eel, seaweed crackers, lychee candies, coconut soda and more! We had a fabulous feast exploring foreign foods with local author Alicia Klepeis…and we learned our teens are fearless! Thank you, Alicia!”

Library Board of Directors member Maureen Wallace said, “What a fantastic event. I cannot believe how attentive and willing the participants were to try everything! Alicia did a wonderful job!”

Having Fun With Ice Cream

Whether you’re a homeschooling family or a family that has kids on summer vacation, everyone likes ice cream. And we as parents know that even if kids don’t admit it, learning is often fun. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article for The Old Schoolhouse that was a unit of study all about ice cream — the science behind it, the history of it, and of course how to make your own. My own children had loads of fun with the activities. Here’s the link to the original article:

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 9.59.33 AM

Kids Making Ice Cream from Scratch


I was also thrilled to discover this morning that my article was featured on the Modern Homeschool Family website: Cream Unit Study